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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can a Psychiatrist Do For Me?

A psychiatrist is a certified medical doctor (MD) that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of mental illness and psychological problems. A psychiatrist completes four years of training in general psychiatry after completing medical school. Certain specializations within psychiatry, such as child and adolescent psychiatry, requires an additional two years of training in order to become Board certified as a child and adolescent psychiatrist.

What Should I Bring To My Appointment?

Once you make an appointment, we will send you forms to be completed for the apointment. Additionally, if you have completed evaluations, work ups, and testings in the past, we encouarge you to share those prior to the appointment.

What Should I Expect At The First Appointment?

The first session includes meeting with the patient, guardians, or signifiant others. The purpose of the initial meeting is to gather information such as the reason for the visit, history, symptoms, and your concerns. Initial appointment is up to 90 minutes. At the end of the session, Dr. Makki will collect all the information from the appointment and the past evaluations and for collateral information, will offer to speak with your therapist, school, or primary care physician, if applicable. She will provide a summery of her initial impression, next step recommendations, and, when appropriate, consideration for therapy or psychotropic medication. If needed, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled for 1-2 weeks (often 60 min) to proceed with the treatment.

Will I Have To Complete Blood Work, CT Scan, or Other Testing?

As part of the medical evaluation, Dr. Makki will discuss medical or neurological conditions that could cause or attribute to psychiatric symptoms and conditions. At the initial appointment, she will likely request a basic medical work up to be completed, especially for the younger clients and for the clients with an existing medical diagnosis. In appropriate cases, she may order additional tests or recommend consultation with colleagues, such as endorinology, cardiology, neurology, sleep disorders, and gastrointestinology.

Does Dr. Makki Provide Rating and/or Screening Tests?

Yes, one of the features of her unique practice is that, in addition to psychiatric clinical examination, Dr. Makki utilizes clinical screening, rating inventories, and genetic testings to assist in diagnosis and treatments, as required.

Will There Be Clinicians in Training Present in The Room?

As an instructor to multiple academic centers, Dr. Makki allows students to observe her sessions so they have a better understanding of this field. She hopes that her passion and interest in child psychiatry will encourage future doctors to enter this underrepresented field of medicine. Whether or not students can stay in the room for observation is optional and completely per your discretion. Any participation is greatly appreciated by Dr. Makki and the medical students.

What is Neuropsychological Testing?

Neuropsychological testing is conducted by a neuropsychologist. A neuropsychologist is a licensed clinical or school psychologist (with a Psy.D. or Ph.D. degree) who has also completed two years of training in neuropsychology. Dr. Makki is not a neuropsychologist. However, she can refer you to her neuropsychologist colleagues if neuropsychiatric testing appears necessary or helpful.

Does Dr. Makki Provide Psychotherapy?

Dr. Makki provides brief educational and supportive therapy. Presently, she does not accept clients for regular, weekly or biweekly, therapy sessions. However, based on the initial evaluation, she will discuss evidence-based recommendations for therapy and will provide appropriate referrals, if needed. For those with an existing therapist, Dr. Makki will collaborate with the therapist, per your authorization.

What Happens Once The Treatment Goals Are Achieved?

Dr. Makki will continue to oversee your care by monitoring your mental health and medications. After stabilization, she requires a minimum of two yearly visits for members. She will help to transfer your care, if you choose to transfer, to other providers or to your primary care physician.

Will The Cost Of My Treatment Be Covered By My Insurance Plan?

Depending on what type of insurance provider you are currently using, coverage for our services will vary. Many insurance companies reimburse out-of-network rates anywhere from 50-80% of the total cost of services. The best way to know what your plan will cover is to contact them directly and ask about your out-of-network mental health and deductible benefits, including benefits for Tele-Medicine. For your reference, the commonly used procedure codes used for the appointments are listed below. Initial Evaluation: 90872 Follow-Up Appointments 30-60 min: 99214 with or without 90833, 90834, or 90836

What If I Have An Emergency Or An Urgent Situation?

If you find yourself in the midst of an emergency, please immediately call 911. If you have an urgent situation, call Dr. Makki's office, and she will return your call within the next business day.

What Are The Insurance Codes?

For your reference, the commonly used procedure codes used for the appointments are listed below: Initial Evaluation: 90872 Follow-Up Appointments 30-60 Minutes: 99214 with or without 90833, 90834, 90836

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