Concierge Practice

I operate a full-service, members-only, concierge psychiatry practice. I am not restricted by limitations imposed by insurance companies. 

This allows me to focus on quality over quantity, and offer personalized and individualized service and accessibility.

I have fewer patients than an insurance-driven practice, which means I have more time for you. We will have ample time, during your visits, to thoroughy discuss your concerns, and I am easily accessible between visits to take your phone calls and respond to your emails.  



When you have a question or concern, you can call me directly and expect to receive a personal reply in a timely manner.  If you want to be seen on short notice, my flexible hours allow me to fit you in. I can also provide tele-psychiatry (web-based care) in appropriate situations. 

We work together as a team to develop a plan designed to keep you and your family healthy. This begins with our initial meeting, followed by extensive conversations and ongoing care coordination with your whole medical team, including, when appropriate, your therapist, school social worker or liason, and other physicians. We will continue to refine our approach, together, as a team. I firmly believe in treating the whole person and not just the symptoms.  

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